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Guiding you back home to loving yourself first. I’m here to help you move through any emotional blockages keeping you stuck, break ancestral cycles, and remind you of your innate power to live the radiant life you deserve and share your magic with the world.

With love,
your new Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach

My story

Hello evolving soul, my name is Denise.

I am devoted to self-realization and the liberation of kindred spirits.

My life has taken me through a rollercoaster of experiences with pain, addiction, generational trauma, rage, confusion, and ultimately losing all sense of who I “thought” I was so I could unravel the layers of who I actually am at my purest core.
It was in the rock bottom moments when I was gasping with desperation for anything to save me, that I started realizing
I am the only one who can do that for myself. So I began healing, reading, writing, screaming, dancing, singing, giving a voice to all the parts of me I had abandoned along the way.
I hired coaches and therapists to assist me in going deeper.
I studied the teachings of Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Paramahansa Yogananda and learned such valuable tools and regulation techniques that I have applied to my daily life and I am immensely grateful for. Through my own journey, I alchemized my pain into my purpose and discovered that I am here to shine light into darkness, to be of service in navigating the underworld of the mind and reminding others that they are worthy of love and creating a beautiful life.

Over the past few years I have gained appreciation for what brought me to this point and everything it taught me. I now have 3+ years of experience with shadow-work, ancestral healing and personal Dharma exploration, and 10 years of experience with astrology and crystal healing.

I felt lost many times in life and followed my ego for the first half of my youth, landing me in successful but unfulfilling roles. I took the active steps towards living my Dharma and purpose when I left my career in the fashion industry 3 years ago, in order to follow my passion of serving others in their spiritual expansion and self-discovery.

I am here to guide you back to the juiciest depths of you, to take you to the places you’re scared to go alone, to clean out the dark corners and bring the dust to the surface with love, to hold you accountable to the commitments you make for your growth, to guide you as you bravely put an end to generational patterns, to encourage you to become your own greatest healer and help you blossom into your truest and highest expression!

"You truly are the fertilizer that helped me step into my own power and connect deeply with my soul and spirit. I’ve been finding so much more balance in my days. I never knew how much our time together was going to change things for me. It has opened me up in so many ways to myself, with others, to where really beautiful and aligned paths have started unfolded in my life after."

Cristina A.

"Before we worked together I had lost inspiration and was asking myself what am I here for and how can I live it out? I felt like I was falling into this spiral of the corporate world and I had started getting jaded. I wanted to come back to my purpose and what inspires me. After our sessions I felt lightbulbs igniting with ideas and clarity of where to go next."

Karina L.

Highest Self Institute,
Dharma Coaching Institute

Certified Dharma
& Spiritual Life Coach, 2022

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