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Are you ready to create immense changes in your life?

Take a peek below at my private coaching offers, let’s take a journey together!

The Sacred Reunion

My most intimate, personalized 1:1 coaching program.

Picture this: you and I going on a transformation journey where you will deepen the relationship you have with yourself, learn how to hold compassionate space for all parts of you, break chains of generational patterns that are holding you back, and reclaim your intuitive power as you begin to finally feel at home in your own skin.

Month 1: Exploring the Inner Self (Embracing your shadow, building self-trust, emotional regulation)

Month 2: Ancestral Healing (Re-parenting your inner child, connecting to your lineage, breaking chains of generational patterns)

Month 3: The Sacred Reunion (Reclaiming your intuition, creating a sanctuary in the body, aligned embodiment with your true Self)

My Divine Mission

My signature 1:1 coaching program for Dharma Discovery through a yogic point of view

This program is all about diving into your unique energetic expression, what makes you WHO you are and how you can shine that light. Your Dharma is your soul’s purpose and mission in this lifetime. It is ever-changing as you evolve, and something only you can bring into the world. This journey is all about rooting into your purpose, to stop hiding, and begin sharing your magic with the world!

Month 1: Dharma Exploration (Archetypes, anchoring your vision, shifting the current story)

Month 2: Unfolding (Doshas + koshas, Astrology + Human Design, stages of Dharma)

Month 3: Embodiment (Dharma evolution + action, integrating your Soul Blueprint, embodying your expression)

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